14 Mart 2009 Cumartesi

arkada bu çalsın 37

Baby there was a time
When you wouldn't even
Look my way
You left me behind
Turned my life
Into darkness and gray
This time I know she will stay
No more running away

Now you're mine for eternity
My love for you will never die
A peaceful perfect harmony
No more sorrow or tears cause'
Dead girls don't cry

You wanted to be free
Said I made you feel
Kept restrained in a cage
I begged you to stay with me
You said you couldn't deal
With the anger and rage

Why did you run away
Why did you fool around
With other guys
You left me sad
Said you could not stay
You broke my heart
With all your lies

HA HA HA HAAA!!! öldürmüş karıyı hayvan! mannak bu herifler yaa, hastasıyım :)

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